Preformed thermoplastic road markings, playground markings, schoolyard markings, preformed signscorporate logos, special signs and symbols.


PrefaTherm® TRAFFIC

We love preformed markings and our customers and partners do so. We all together consider old fashioned vertical traffic signs becoming to much and sometimes confusing.

Our PrefaTherm® preformed thermoplastic lines, arrows, symbols, colored signs and variety of markings are coming to attention by their visibility and clear message, bringing safety and survey to traffic.

Preformed markings from Saxony have a long history, an excellent reputation and a great future.

You are welcome to be a part of it!

PrefaTherm standard RAL colours (other colors according to RAL Classic and RAL Design System on request). PrefaTherm standard colours

PrefaTherm long durability

Long durability

PrefaTherm high visibility

High visibility

PrefaTherm fast installation

Fast installation

PrefaTherm for all surfaces

For amlost all surfaces

PrefaTherm highly resistant

Highly resistant

PrefaTherm no special equipment

No special equipment

PrefaTherm international


PrefaTherm Multi-coloured


PrefaTherm application instructions step 1


PrefaTherm application instructions step 2


PrefaTherm application instructions step 3

...set up...

PrefaTherm application instructions step 4

...carefully heat!

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Cardbox Dimmensions
Length 500 and 1000 mm
Width 600 mm
Height 20 and 40 mm